What Interests Me?

That's a good question... lots of things really. When I'm not working or tending to family matters with my wife and children I still like to do a bit of sketching, which for me is thinking on paper. I may think of a better way to do something, so I will document it in one of my sketch books or just feel inspired to create something... anything.

I have a keen interest in sports, I love my rugby, I don't play anymore as I gave that up at the under 21 level to play basketball but I follow the All blacks, the Chiefs, the Bay of Plenty NPC team, and the Blues. I like to keep my 'hand in' playing Touch Rugby every season. With the Fantasy Rugby games that I'm involved with I need to know a fair bit about players from all around the world so I regularly keep in touch with most of the major rugby comps via the Web.

Having grown up with older siblings (I'm the 2nd youngest of 9) and older parents (my dad was 49 when I was born my mum was 36) I was exposed to an older generation as well as my own. I think that this gives me an interest in the 50's, 60's and of course my generation the 70's and 80's. I like old things, old houses, cars, advertising, music, electronics, and I like a lot of the old ways of doing things. Work hard and get stuck in, honour your word and trust people, that's the way I like to approach things.



:About Me

Aside from artistic and sporting interests I enjoy, reading, tramping, movies, classic cars, computers, building, woodwork, restoring furniture, painting and decorating, holidays or visiting new places, collecting toys and curios, surfing the web, taking the kids for a drive or walk and generally taking it easy.

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