Stream Interactive Limited   2006 - 1998
Creative Director
Working as the sole design director for Stream on a huge array of job types which include the following: Dynamic and static website design (front and back end), Interactive Flash projects, CD-ROM production, Gaming design, Software and interface design. Other areas of responsibility, managing other designers, freelancers, programmers, sketching visuals, creating site maps and story boards, researching client needs and analysing business objectives.

Terabyte Interactive   1997 - 1995
Working mainly as a photoshop specialist on various CD-ROM, touch screen kiosk and Website projects.

Pounamu Ventures   1994 - 1992
Screen Printing Tutor
Teaching unemployed students how to create their own artwork, then taking them through the various steps to printing their own T-shirts, cards, posters and fabric.

Freelance Design & Illustration   1994 - 1992
UNITEC Graphic Designer
Designated graphic designer and illustrator for all departments, creating brochures, posters, books and publications.

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My approach

I give every job my best effort, I can't help but do that. I don't like to cut corners, I'm methodical and like to stick to proven standards. Having said that the thing that I like most about being a Web designer (this is what I do most of the time these days) is that you can't sit still, you must keep up with what's going on or you will be left behind.

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