My Skillset

I have a strong grounding in the visual arts which has helped me to become a better all round designer. I can draw, paint and take photographs to illustrate my visions. With a computer I can use various mediums to get to the end result.

I find the limitations of the Web to be a help rather than a hinderance, with experience you can push the boundries but still manage to connect to the huge audiences that are online. The thing that I love the most about being a Web/Multimedia designer is the constant learning that is involved.

There's a real skill in designing an interface for companies, individuals and their clients. Understanding site architecture, user responses, technical do's and don'ts, search engines, stylesheets, browsers.. and the big one, 'what are we trying to achieve?' Is it sales, branding, services, communication, quite often this analysis is a skill that comes into play.


Adobe Photoshop
I consider myself to be an expert in this programme, I have more than 11 years industry experience.

I prefer this vector programme to Illustrator as it works seemlessly with Flash but is versitle enough to create logos and can output complex print-ready design.

I've used Dreamweaver daily since it's inception and find it to be the best in it's field.

Although Photoshop comes with Adobe Image Ready I still prefer the image crunching capabilties of Fireworks.

:Job History


1990 - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Elam School of Fine Arts
University of Auckland

1994 - Certificate of Desktop Publishing
1 Year full-time study
AUT - Auckland University of Technology

1984 Waihi College
A Bursary, University Entrance Accredited, 6 School Certificate Subjects.

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